Dr. Nasrin Moazami’s Strugle

During my short visit to Tehran, I take a chance to observe HIV/AIDS and Biotech activities there. I am definitely keen want to witness the daily life of Tehran society. Prof Hoesein Nader Manesh, a lecturer at the Faculty of Basic Science, University of Modares, suggested me to visit The Iran Research for Science and Technology. I undoubtedly accepted his suggestion happily. Prof Manesh then called the Institute Director and it turned out that I can visit the institute on the next day. Since the institute is located in Kharaj City, about 60 km away from Tehran, one of the institute staff picked me up at the hotel. The staff are so nice. But one thing made me surprised when I entered the room of the institute director. It turned out that Prof .Nasrin Moazami is a woman. She looks like Mrs Meiwita. She is so frinedly and welcomed me at her room, which was neat and full of flowers.

I found out later on that Prof. Nasrin Moazami is one of the role models among researchers in Iran. She is the pioneer of the development in the research of parasitology and Microbiology. Her research in 1986 found the bacteria of Bacillus thuringeinsis that can kill the larvae of Anopheles, Aedes or Culex mosquitoes. A great finding of this bacteria is that it has potential to eradicate diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes such as malaria, Dengue, Filariasis and many others.

However, this finding cannot be immediately implemented. She had to wait for so long to build the pilot plant to produce more bacteria and also to re-examine the advantages of the resulted products. Fortunately the UNDP and Unesco were interested and provided financial supports to build the pilot plant in 1990. In this pilot plant she conducted preparation, fermentation, drying until the formation of the product that later on was called bioflash. The products that are produced by this pilot plant turned out to be good. This fact encouraged Prof Moazami to produce Bioflash in a big scale. But her dream cannot materialize soon. She must wait for so long (around 10 years) and it was until 5 years ago that an Iranian private company was interested in building the plant and producing bioflash. Through her hard work finally Prof. Moazami can materialize her dream; two years ago the plant started its production with the capacity of 100 metric ton per year. Around 20 % of the products are utilized by Iranian government while the rest is ready to be exported.

When I visited the institute, there were also delegations of Thailand that are interested in purchasing this bioflash product. Meanwhile, Malaysia has started earlier: around a year ago it forged cooperation with Iran. This product has undergone trial tests in India, Sudan, Senegal and Uganda. It seems that we in Indonesia need to consider this biolarvacide product in order to eradicate diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in our country. Before leaving for Tehran, I had a chance to examine a Phd candidate in the University of Indonesia; his research shows that around 18% of pregnant mothers in Bekasi are infected by Filaria. Not to mention the problem of dengue fever and malaria that are still the health problems in our country.

I asked for a permission to visit the plant and it turned out that they allowed me to. It seems that there are some easy access for Indonesians in Iran. The plant is quite big with modern equipment that similar with the ones I saw in a plant that produced Hepatitis B vaccine in Havana. In this bioflash plant, there are large fermentors with the capacity of 12,000. There are 35 staff in the plant, who are graduated from universities in Iran. They are still young of between 28-35 years. The Director, Mohammad Asgarina is also still young.

A researcher of course will be happy if their findings can be beneficial for the society. I admire the struggle of Prof. Moazami. She is successful in making her research become something useful in eradicating diseases that threaten half of the worl population. Although to materialize her dream she must fight and take a long, winded, and tiring path.

Furthermore, the institute of bioflash also has many other projects such as biologic fertilizer that is expected to be environmentally-friendly. This Institute also cooperates with European company in developing biomarine research on drugs invention and nutritional substances. Also with Singapore for developing alternative energy.

In Indonesia, I believe that similar researches have been conducted. But not many are ended with resulted products. The results usually come in the forms of research reports, theses or dissertations. If lucky enough, they can be in the form of publications. The struggle of Prof. Moazami can become an example that great endeavor and patience will eventually materialize the researchers’ dreams in creating something useful for the society.


Tehran, 30 Oct 2007


12 Responses to “Dr. Nasrin Moazami’s Strugle”

  1. alirezafarhadi Says:

    سلام من علیرضا فرهادی هستم از محققین ومخترعین ایرانی
    و کاشف راز یقای انرژی الکنریسیته و اماده هرنوع همکاری یا حضرت عالی هستم
    ارادتمندشما فرهادی

  2. Gomnam Says:

    Dear All,

    I used to be work with Dr!!!!!! Nasrin Moazemi in different area of Iran. I believe she is one of the most professional money waster in the world. She always start with a big lecture about her crazy ideas;however, she lose her focus in middle of the way and the story always finish with crap results. Believe me or not, non of her projects have a beneficial for either society or industry. She never succeed to publish any of her work in one of the well known publication!!!!!
    Unfortunately, most of the dump governor in Iran, as soon as attendant in one of her lecture, they think she is Virgin Mary and she came to give freedom to researcher and science.
    She used to introduce her self as a Mother of Biotechnology in Iran but when you look at her history and whatever dam things that she did, you can only find some crap fermantors in Tehran and Gheshm that even do not work properly. As matter of fact, she is a good teacher only for theory subjects but as soon as she feel a professor in science or medicine, she fuck off everything.
    To proof of this fact, my rational should be her idea about her knowledge. She believes she know medicine, microbiology, biotechnology, marine, cancer, agriculture, astronomy, chemical engineering, electronic, animal husbandry and so on…….!!!!!!!
    If you look to any places that she already was there, you can find out what the heal she did with sources of money and equipments that we can use in better ways for our real students, researchers and professors in Iran and other countries. I do not have any personal issues with her but as a scientist I have to encourage others to stop support a feak researchers like her or Dr. Kordan……

    Freedom Iran Freedom Iranian Scientist

  3. Shahab Says:

    Dear Gomnam!!,
    it would be better to introduce yourself and then write about your background and achievements. if you are not at the same level you are not allowed to judge. if you stay in the university and just talk talk nothing happens. I worked with her when I was in Iran and I always respect her for her braveness for passing the barriers. it is very simple to blame other people. please introduce yourself and tell us what did you do.
    I am not in Iran but I dont understand why we destroy eachother instead of helping. hope our culture gets better.

  4. Azita Says:

    I think it is simple to understand. jealousy is a natural phenomena.

  5. mottaghei Says:

    I would like to mention, I %100 agree with Mr. or Ms. Gomnam….and my Dear friends Shahab and Azita please do not kiss her ass and try to be think intellectually !


  6. Scientist Says:

    I completely agree with whatever Gomnam says. Dr. Moazami is nothing but show off. She pretends that she knows a lot but obviously she knows nothing about biotechnology. I used to work with her and in her facilities in Shahriar, Karadj. Believe me or not, all of the collections that she made as Persian Type Culture Collections (PTCC) are infected with god damn Bacillus thuringeinsis. She fooled all the poor Iranian governors as well as UNESCO authorities with her childish idea about this bacillus. It is up to you to believe it or not. How many publications have you ever seen from her in a high impact factor journal? Have you ever seen that Malaria is prevented by her foolish discovery? God bless all of us and I pray for you to be safe from such an evil liar.

    An Iranian Scientist

  7. Haleh Miraftab-Zadeh (@Hmiraftab) Says:

    Yes, the weakness of human beings is being so judgmental. Dr. Nasrin Moazemi, is indeed one of the entrepreneur in Biotechnology industry in Iran. Of course, being a woman and being intelligent is a big issue for men in our culture and it is seen in other cultures as well. I am a researcher myself. In research, having great ideas , innovative and challenging, is a talent. Seeking for funds and running the process are also challenging for a researcher. Dr. Moazemi has all those together. There are a lot of scientists that are not into publications and it has cons/pros. I wish her and her team the best of luck in her outstanding trials to eliminate diseases like Malaria. Somebody tell me, where else has accomplished as much as we see with Dr. Moazemi and et al.
    Regards, HM

  8. Haniyeh Says:

    Response To Ms. Haleh,
    Come on lady…please be realistic….how do you know those disagreement comments belongs to men and not women….You did a big misjudgement…I am a female MD/PH.D from UCLA and for over 5 years I had experience to work with Nasrin….Unlike you that you graduated your only Ph.D from Iran and just a master in Molecular Biology and you name it as a “RESEARCHER”…!!!!!!! I received all my highschool – MD/Ph.D in united state and I am appointed in UCLA Medical Faculty member and associate professor, I still do not feel confidence to name my self as a researcher….as you name yourself easily RESEARCHER!!!!…. I also noticed that you do not have a proper publication and I immediately understood what’s the reason that you defend a funny and fake scientist like Nasrin…..Please do not boolshit around and say because of men can not tolerate women success as you said….this kind of statment it’s good when you want to compare present with Ghajariyeh history but dose not apply for 21 century….everybody knows (even a child) we have a numerous women with thousands discovery and publication….
    Nasrin Moazemi just bla and bla and bla….!!!!! neither her work are acceptable for high impact factor journals and this fact is clear and we can not cover it because she is running around for money. She is a big money wester with supper stupid ideas…..I like the last statement of Gomnam…. he or she said: DO NOT KISS HER ASS WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE CONFIDENCE AND INFORMATION ABOUT HER FUCKING CRAZY WORK….!!!! She is good to coordinate Amin-Abad Mental Recovery Centre in Tehran…. Hopefully Hassan Agha can kik out such her styles from Iranian academic and research centres…..
    You can see some educational background from Haleh as follow:

    Georgetown University, Georgetown Graduate School
    Master of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology
    2002 – 2004

    Shahid Beheshti University, School of Medicine
    Doctorate, Clinical laboratory sciences
    1986 – 1993

    Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
    Doctorate, Medical Technology ( Laboratory Sciences)
    1985 – 1992

    I learned to use devices for the purpose of:

    1.Diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease
    2.Diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, alleviation of or compensation for an injury or handicap
    3.Investigation, replacement or modification of the anatomy or of a physiological process
    4.Control of conception
    Activities and Societies: Learn how to save lives in individuals suffering from a wide range of conditions. In its many forms, Medical Technology is already diagnosing, monitoring and treating virtually every disease or condition that affects us. I was fortunate to learn Diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of diseases.

  9. Margert Says:

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